How Poker and Slot Come to Gambling Online and Become Popular







Every gambling game that you play has a very long history within it and every move or every term has different unique fact behind. These are some famous games along with the histories such as:

  • Poker

This game was believed to be derived from Persians old card game called As-Nas dated back in 17th century. Back then the game was played with 25 cards in 5 different suits initially. The method to play was exactly the same including the stakes used for the bet. The main different was no card rank such as flushes, royal flush and others. Though French might think they found the game, actually US brought this game into the poker you know in 19th century and in 21th century, video poker was born.

  • Slot

Sittman and Pitt were the 2 inventors of this game came from Brooklyn, New York. In 1891, they had an idea to develop the gambling game using machine and the machine was made based on five drums. All drums held about 50 cards and the way to play was similar as poker. The player will insert the bet which was the nickel and the outcome will be determined fully by the drums once they stopped rolling. There was not award system in the machine so when you hit Royal Flush, you just collected the winning to the bar and you will get either cigars or free drinks depending on the establishment offered in stock and permitted to give as prize.